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My Top 10 Book Apps for Kids and Adults

Top 10 Book Apps for Kids and Adults

Top 10 Book Apps for Kids and Adults

Many books now have apps that work on iPhones or iPads and on the Android platform. Consumers can now buy the printed book, the app alone or both. Authors can capitalize on this trend by creating apps for their books or pushing their publisher to create one for them.

Some apps have incredible features such as 3D effects, interactive story telling, and more. Creating an app for your book may give you a competitive advantage as well. I’ve found some book apps for both kids and adults that you’ll want to check out. Here’s my top ten:

  • Weird But True is an app developed by the creators of National Geographic that will keep you entertained for hours. Packed with interesting facts that will allow you to impress your friends and colleagues with newly acquired knowledge of the natural world.
  • 3D Classic Literature Collection lets readers enjoy their favorite American classic stories in a 3-dimensional context. Complete with high quality animation and audio, this interactive app is sure to bring your favorite stories to life to let you experience them in a way you never imagined.
  • Fahrenheit 451 brings Ray Bradbury’s sci-fi story off the page and into reality with narration, puzzles, auto-bookmarking, and book references to help you find your next favorite read. Enjoy this timeless classic all over again like never before.
  • Pocket Cocktails serves as a complete archive of all your favorite drink recipes. Entertain your friends, or just make yourself the ideal martini on your night off. Complete with how-to photos and festive holiday drink recipes, you’ll be the life of any party this season.
  • Jack and the Beanstalk is the perfect app to keep your kids entertained whenever you need a minute to yourself. Filled with interactive games, activities, artwork, and read-along text, it’s the ideal children’s app with an educational twist. Unlike other book apps, every page has a different surprise that will keep kids engaged and involved, all at a price that won’t break the bank.
  • Wizard of Oz 3D, The Experience puts a new spin on the timeless classic of Dorothy’s adventure. Enjoy L. Frank Baum’s novel in an engaging 3D interactive experience. With pop-up animation, rediscover the story and share it with friends, family, and children. Bring an old classic to life and enjoy it all over again.
  • Green Eggs and Ham provides children with picture/word association and other features designed to promote early literacy. Winner of the 2011 Parents’ Choice Award, its an interactive approach to learning hidden beneath a Dr. Seuss Classic.
  • Comics is a free app that lets comic fans keep up with their favorite strips from Marvel, DC, The Walking Dead, and many more. Kill some free time in between errands or make an evening out of it while watching your favorite superhero movies.
  • Nancy Drew: Shadow Ranch Lite lets users follow their favorite teen detective on her latest investigation. Choose your own path through the story and solve puzzles to help Nancy crack her latest crime. Track your progress and backtrack when you receive new clues to get on the right path!
  • Our Choice is an interactive app that covers the pressing issue of global warming. As viewed by Al Gore, Our Choice takes you through various charts, articles, diagrams, and other forms of media to help users grasp the seriousness of the environmental issue. Stay informed with everything going on and find ways to lessen your environmental impact. Check out the tour by Al Gore here:

Books have made a comeback in the world of entertainment with revelations such as audio versions, 3D supplements, and smartphone apps.

Let me know your thoughts on these apps and others you find. Ever thought about developing an app for your book? It won’t be long until it’ll be common place. If you jump on the bandwagon now you’ll still early in the game.


Does Your Book Need an iPhone App?

Does Your Book Need an iPhone App?

Does Your Book Need an iPhone App?

iPhone users are always looking for new apps to download; from amusing games to useful apps worthy of showing friends and colleagues. Having an app that corresponds to your book can give readers something to keep busy as well as draw in new readers. The number of iPhone apps that are linked to books is growing at an increasingly rapid rate. The number of books available on the iTunes App Store has far exceeded the number of games available. So what better way to market your book than to hop on the bandwagon and create an app for it!

There are many ways you can transform your book into an app. Your app can contain anything from an excerpt of your book to a game that corresponds with the characters in your story. Sharing an excerpt can provide readers with a preview of your story and draw them into either purchasing an audio, kindle or paperback version. On the other hand, games can give readers the opportunity to interact with the characters they’ve grown to know and love from your original story. Create a game that mimics your story line in an interactive fashion or a quiz that allows readers to identify quotes from the story and assign them to the appropriate characters. Games can be especially useful for children’s storybooks seeing as how children love interactive scenarios, especially with their favorite characters.

A great example of a book being transformed into an app is one created from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Currently a top seller, the Harry Potter: Spells application allows users to learn the spells that they’ve seen in action throughout the magical series and use them to battle with other iPhone users. Apps such as this help bring the story to life in a new way for readers and will keep your story alive in their minds long after they’ve finished reading.

If your book is non-fiction, there are other ways to translate it into an app. You might be interested in creating an app that emphasizes tips, key points or interesting facts from your book. For example, a popular app, Military Cadences, provides users with the words associated with the various songs and chants used in military settings. Providing this can help readers better understand the concept of your book and provide them with new information on the subject that they find interesting.

The current top selling iPhone App for a book is Dora’s Ballet Adventures. Available for $2.99, users can partake in an interactive storytelling adventure and help Nickelodeon’s Dora prepare for her ballet recital. The app gets 5 star rating reviews from parents and has definitely brought publicity to it. As mentioned before, children’s books can be easily transformed into iPhone apps and are a great way for parents to keep children entertained on errands or in the car.

Another thing to consider when deciding whether or not to create an iPhone app is that an app can be a great way to bring in a little extra revenue. You can charge a small fee for your app or offer it for free. By charging a small fee, you bring a little more money with each purchase/download. If you decide to offer your app for free, more people will download it and will be aware of your story. Regardless of which path you choose, you can expect to see an increase in sales, which is always a good thing.

iPhone apps are a great way to bring your story to life for readers as well as draw in new readers. There are many prestigious and affordable companies that can be of service if you are looking to create an app. Contact me for details if you are interested.