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Authors Use Instagram to Sell Books

Find out how Instagram is helping authors increase visibility and earn more money.

By Scott Lorenz
Westwind Book Marketing

Instagram has over 1 billion users. So, it’s no surprise that many authors are using the platform to sell their books. With an established Instagram account, they’re able to build strong relationships, drive interest, and boost sales. If you’re an author who would like to use Instagram to your advantage, check out the Instagram accounts listed below. Follow them and engage as you like. They can give you a good idea of how authors are using the one of fastest growing social media platforms.

1. James Patterson (@jamespattersonbooks)

The New York Times bestselling author of The Kennedy Curse and The 20th Victim loves to repost pictures of children enjoying his books. His account is also full of giveaways, announcements about upcoming releases, and inspirational quotes he lives by.

2. Dan Brown (@authordanbrown)

Dan Brown posts about his virtual story times as well as photos of his life in New England and yellow lab, Winston. He also features occasional quotes from some of his top books like The Lost Symbol and The Da Vinci Code.

3. Janet Evonovich (@janetevanovich)

From the moment you look at Janet Evonovich’s Instagram, you’ll notice plenty of color. She fills her profile with bright and cheery photos of Hot Six, Twisted Twenty-Six and other recent books she wrote. There’s also a lot of details about book signings and new releases.

4. Malcolm Gladwell (@malcolmgladwell)

Malcolm Gladwell’s latest posts are all about his book Talking to Strangers. His Instagram is also packed with photos of him on Jimmy Kimmel Live, NPR Radio, Book Tube, and other places he’s been interviewed.

5. Jon Krakauer (@krakauernotwriting)

While Jon Krakauer’s posts of his political views, travels, and adventures are interesting, his catchy description is particularly noteworthy: “I write books for a living. Been toiling in the writing factory for more than 35 years. Not writing is way more fun.” Some of his most popular books include Embrace the Misery, Gates of the Arctic, and Living Under the Volcano.

6. Mitch Albom (@mitchalbom)

Mitch Albom, author of Finding Chika and The Next Person You Meet in Heaven is an avid user of the Instagram story feature. He posts short stories to promote his interviews, podcasts, and Say Detroit, a non-profit organization he started to support underprivileged people in Detroit.

7. Tony Robbins (@tonyrobbins)

Tony Robbins’ Instagram is nothing short of inspirational. It’s filled with powerful quotes by him and information about non-profits he believes in. He also scatters several funny memes throughout. Robbins wrote The New Money Masters and The Path.

8. Jay Shetty (@jayshetty)

On Jay Shetty’s Instagram, you’ll find sayings from his current and upcoming books like Think Like a Monk. Here’s one that really stands out: T.I.M.E Daily Routine: Thankfulness, Insight, Meditation, Exercise.

9. Joanna Gaines (@joannagaines)

Joanna Gaines, author of Magnolia Table and We are the Gardners uses her Instagram account to share lifestyle photos of her and her family. She keeps it pretty personal and makes it easy for followers to get a feel for the everyday happenings in her life.

10. Dashama Konah Gordon (@dashama)

Since Dashama is a “happiness expert” in addition to author of Journey to Joyful, her profile features positive quotes, pictures of her practicing yoga and meditating, and a story Q&A session where she answers her follower’s questions. She posts frequently new videos of various activities in the most incredible settings. The Bottom Line: Use Instagram to grow and expand your audience.

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