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Authors: Want Publishing Help? Get a Book Shepherd!

Authors: Want Publishing Help? Get a Book Shepherd!

You can keep ‘Paying Tuition’ in the form of mistakes, or you can hire a Book Shepherd who’ll save you, time money and even perhaps your sanity!

By Scott Lorenz
Westwind Communications

At some point in the writing and publishing process most authors find themselves exasperated with all of the things that need to be done. This is one reason I recommend authors look into hiring a book shepherd. A book shepherd (aka book coach) is someone whose expertise in books and publishing will help you through the entire book-crafting and selling process. Services include help with ghostwriting, editing, cover design, printing, distribution, marketing, seeking an agent, even dealing with Amazon! A book shepherd will assist you with your book from start to finish.

Sadly, I see authors make mistakes that a good book shepherd would have caught and changed. With all there is to know about the book publishing process, the constant flow of changes makes it extremely difficult to keep up with it all.  The guidance of someone experienced would be your greatest insurance policy to ensure your book is a success. It’s like hiring a guide to give you a tour of a foreign land. Would you rather read a guidebook and do it yourself or hire a personal guide with special knowledge to show you?

Debra Englander

Debra Englander

Consider yourself fortunate if you can afford a book shepherd because it is well worth the money spent.

Debra Englander

“Nothing detracts from good writing like bad editing,” says Debra Englander an experienced non-fiction editor and writer. “Submit your best work. Have it copy edited and proofread by a professional. Don’t ruin a potential relationship with an agent or publisher because of mistakes.” Debra Englander has extensive editorial experience including reporting for Money, managing the Fortune Book Club and serving as editorial director at John Wiley for nearly 17 years.

She currently works with authors on creating winning book proposals, editing manuscripts and content creation for online and print projects. I’ve known Debby for many years and she’s at the top of my list. Email her at: [email protected] and find out more at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/DebraEnglander.

Marla Markman

Marla Markman

Marla Markman

Marla Markman is an award-winning editor with over 30 years of experience creating and managing books. Marla is the owner of Markman Editorial Services, which provides publishing project management, guiding authors every step of the way with expert advice on everything from ghostwriting and outline development to editing, book design, printing, e-book conversion and audiobook production, to website development, listing the final product on Amazon, and more. Many of her client’s books have been Amazon bestsellers, adapted as university textbooks, featured in the Wall Street Journal and Publisher’s Weekly, and won prestigious indie publishing awards, like the Ben Franklin Awards.

“Self-publishing can be an overwhelming and confusing experience for the uninitiated,” says Marla. “I enjoy guiding authors through the self-publishing process.”  Marla developed and honed her expertise as managing editor of Entrepreneur magazine, one of the nation’s leading small-business publications. She launched its book division, where she acquired, developed, and edited numerous top-selling book series, including Start Your Own Business, which continues to be Entrepreneur’s No. 1 bestseller. Reach her at: https://www.marlamarkman.com/.

Mike Ball

Mike Ball, an Erma Bombeck Award-winning author and syndicated columnist offers unique assistance to new authors from his position on the front lines of the publishing wars. “Writing, editing and publishing a book can be complicated, time-consuming and downright confusing,” says Ball. “I just helped out an author who got completely flummoxed by the forms Amazon threw at him. I understand it can be a daunting task for anyone. That’s why I am happy to assist authors in ghostwriting, editing and publishing.” Find Mike at https://www.mikeballonline.com/.

Beth Barany

“One of the biggest challenges in writing, publishing and marketing a book is to know what to do, when to do it and how to do each step,” says Beth Barany, a book shepherd, creative business consultant for authors and publishers, and an award-winning novelist. Beth says that authors come to her because they need customized support for wherever they may be in the process. They may need brainstorming sessions to overcome writer’s block when starting a novel, help figuring out how to publish their nonfiction book, general support, or to gain ease while social media-marketing their book. A big advocate for self-publishing, Beth works with her authors to help them write, publish and market their book through the channels that make the most sense for their overall goals, timing and budget. Traditional publishing is included, of course.  To learn more about Beth Barany and to sign up for a complimentary 30-minute session, go to https://bethbarany.com/.

Gabriella Gafni, J.D.

Book Shepherd Gabriella Gafni, J.D. has composed countless texts for individuals from every walk of life and from every part of the globe. “With each project I undertake I ensure the narrative flows with meaning, vitality and purpose. Authors often remark that I have the ability to ‘get into their minds’ and manifest their messages in their respective voices,” says Gafni. “From first draft through publication, authors enjoy a collaborative experience destined to result in a pristine product, reflective of the author’s intent and purpose.”  For more information about Gabriella Gafni, visit https://www.gmghostwriting.com/.

Thomas Miller

Thomas Miller, Ghostwriter, Podcaster and Book Shepherd

Thomas Miller, Ghostwriter, Podcaster and Book Shepherd

Thomas Miller not only helps authors through all of the shepherding steps we’re discussing here, but he’s also an expert audiobook narrator and producer. “Your book should generate multiple revenue streams beside just hardback, paperback and Kindle/Nook sales,” says Miller. “The audiobook market is growing faster than the conventional book market. If you publish, you should also produce an audiobook.”

Miller believes that some authors could create a seminar or workshop so that their book leads to online courses and coaching services. Thomas Miller can help advise authors on all of these revenue streams and can either narrate or guide them on an audiobook.

He also offers ghostwriting services at an affordable price. I’ve known and worked directly with him several years now and he’s top-shelf in my book. Contact Thomas Miller.

Maria Connor

Marie White Publisher Book Shepherd

Marie White, Author, Book Shepherd and Publisher

For some authors an Author Assistant may be the way to go.

Maria Connor is the author of Do Less, Write More: The Author’s Guide to Finding, Hiring and Keeping an Excellent Author Assistant.

She is the founder/owner of My Author Concierge, which provides administrative, editorial, marketing and technical support services for authors.

She has worked with more than 50 authors across multiple genres.

Marie White

“I meet a lot of authors who have books they are not happy with,” says Marie White owner of Zamiz Press. “From covers they don’t like to missing versions of the book, such as audio or eBook, to no ‘look inside’ feature online. They are frustrated and alone in the process.”

If need be, White helps authors get their book back from a publisher and then republishes the book as they always envisioned it. “Most authors still retain the rights to their book, even after it’s published. I help them understand the publishing process and feel confident.” Reach Maria at: www.ZamizPress.com.

Michael Ray

Known as “Book Whisperer” Michael Ray King can help authors get to the finish line. With 10 published books, five Royal Palm Literary Awards for writing, over 20 manuscripts written and helping over 100 new authors get their manuscripts written, Michael can help you with most writing and publishing needs.  https://michaelrayking.com.

Rik Feeney

Rik Feeny Florida Writers Assn Book Coach Magnetic Speak

Rik Feeney – Book Coach

Rik Feeney is a Book Coach and Publishing Consultant. He speaks at writer’s conferences and seminars and is the leader of the Orlando Florida Writer’s Association group.

Rik’s passion is helping authors effectively and successfully publish their books.

Contact Rik for a free consultation. http://www.rikfeeney.com/

The Bottom Line: Whether you call it a book shepherd or book coach, these book publishing experts will help save you time, money and perhaps even your sanity!

Be sure to check out a list of book shepherds below which was originally created by the late Dan Poynter and now recently updated and expanded upon by Westwind Book Marketing.

Zip Code/Country, Name, Email, Website

06001 Brian Jud [email protected]; http://www.bookmarketingworks.com/

68137 Lisa Pelto [email protected]; https://www.conciergemarketing.com/

80015 Judith Briles, PhD [email protected]; https://thebookshepherd.com/

89509 Jacqueline Simonds

90212 Joseph Coleman [email protected]; https://www.bookshep.com/

92111 Lindee Rochelle [email protected] https://www.penchantforpenning.com/

92653 Sharon Goldinger [email protected]; https://peoplespeakservices.com/

94304 John Eggen [email protected]; https://missionmarketingmentors.com/

94801 Peter Beren [email protected]; https://peterberen.com/

95437 Cynthia Frank [email protected]; https://www.cypresshouse.com/

95476 Simon Warwick-Smith [email protected]; https://www.linkedin.com/in/simon-warwick-smith-7a61633/

22206 Gabriella Gafni — [email protected]; https://www.gmghostwriting.com/

81611 Thomas Miller [email protected]; https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomas-miller-345023132/

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